Melissa Vance


Hi I'm Melissa, but most people call me Mel! I co-founded Diverse Lawyers to celebrate more inclusivity and raise conversation about mental health with students aspiring to law careers or studying law degrees. In my spare time, I run for King's athletics team and am an ambassador for Beat. 

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Joey Lewin


Hi, I'm Joe. Known as Joey by everyone except my mother and my passport. I'm an editor of opinion for a student blog and a pretentious Londoner wannabe. I helped to co-found Diverse Lawyers in order to continue to promote the diversity that makes the legal sector so great. 

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Ivan Ivanov


My name is Ivan and I'm a second year law student. I originally come from Bulgaria but I'm a bit of a citizen of the world, which is why I feel so passionately about diverse representation. I've been communicating for 18 years now and I will be utilising this experience to ensure that everyone at King's is made aware of opportunities that will enable them to pursue the legal career they want.

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Yewande Oyekan


Hi, I'm Yewande and I'm the Gender Diversity Representative. I'm excited to be part of this committee because I believe that diversity and representation is a really important cause. I am looking forward to learning and using my voice in this way.

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Uttara Gautham


I'm a high achiever, an eloquent public speaker, a talented singer and dancer with a deep interest in human psychology, history and English Literature and pursuing a career in law. I have worked for years with a racial harmony volunteer group and am excited to be part of the Diverse Lawyers Society, representing the BAME community!

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Kaya Kwon


I am a first year law student, and one of the Wellness Representatives of the KCL Diverse Lawyers. I hope to use my experience struggling with mental health to bring awareness and make the law school experience easier and happier for all of us. I love baking and cooking while having my daily dose of trashy TV. I hope to one day retire to Hawaii and run a bespoke cake business with my cat.

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Luke Kelland


Hello, I'm Luke and I shall be the Law Careers Representative for the coming year. I look forward to meeting all of you and discussing the plethora of opportunities that we can open up for our futures, in a relaxed and social environment - law doesn't have to be stressful all the time! 

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Nadia Mensah Yeboah


Hi I'm Nadia and I am a bubbly second year Law Student who aspires to be a solicitor. I love music, learning about new cultures and languages. As a BAME Representative I hope to contribute in developing a more inclusive and culturally aware environment with students who are interested in the legal field. 

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Su Wen Lee


Hello! I'm Su, a first year law student. I am very excited to have the opportunity work with similar minded people on the committee to promote diversity and support inclusion within the competitive realm of law. As Wellbeing representative, I am also very honoured to have the chance to act as a support system for those needing help with anything, I'm always open for a chat.

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Sabiha Chowdhury 


I'm excited to bring some new ideas to foster a sense of community and a steady support network for students. Here's to a successful inagural year for Diverse Lawyers society!

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Ryan Low


Hi guys! My name is Ryan, a PPL student and aspiring solicitor. I was born in Singapore, but I attended High School in Hong Kong. I enjoy playing sports, eating all kinds of food and socialising. I look forward to serving as your Careers Representative in the coming year!

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Swaathi Balajawahar 


Hello! I'm Swaathi, a first year law student who enjoys meaningful conversations and board games. Coming from a small town in Malaysia, I have always realised the need to make opportunities more accessible for minorities and the less privileged to help create an equal playing field. As Treasurer, I hope to be part of this change by increasing inclusivity in the legal field. 

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